We are a team of licensed massage therapists who believe in the natural healing power of massage. We listen to the client, devise a plan and apply our knowledge and skill to best meet their needs. No two massages are ever alike. Effective for most types of pain, available for prenatal, Oncology and over 55 population.

Misty J.

Misty J.

License: NC #16158

After working as a nurse for over 20 years decided to make a career change that has been phenomenal. She enjoys being able to work with clients, alleviating pain and bringing comfort in a peaceful atmosphere. Misty's style, is more Swedish, with focus on the troubled areas. Relaxing and therapeutic. Practice includes: Swedish, Oncology, Hot Stone, Neuromuscular/Structural Bodywork, Myofascial Release

Certification in: Hot Stone Massage, Phenomenal Touch

Lori W.

Lori W.

License: NC #LMBT#17002

Having lived with shoulder/ lower-back/ sciatica/ neck, pain for years. Receiving Massage and Bodywork have helped her regain my quality of life! Her goal is to now give back, to be able to do this for others. Practice includes: Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular/Structural Bodywork.

Certification in: Pre/Peri Natal Massage

Jada J.

License: NC #16165

Former Exercise Therapist student, decided she liked a more hands-on approach. Using her knowledge of anatomy and her caring heart, she is able to help many people with all types of pain. Jada's style is more geared to loosening specific areas with neuromuscular massage. Practice includes: Neuromuscular/Bodywork Structural , Myofascial Release

Certification in: Pre Natal Massage


Former teacher, Gaby is now enjoying her time helping others by using her expertise in Massage Therapy to aid in alleviating pain and stress. Gaby is a certified Healing Touch Practitioner, using a research based and nationally accredited energy therapy where the practitioner supports and facilitates the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and self-healing. Practice includes: Relaxation, Stress Relief, Swedish, Emmett Technique, Healing Touch, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release

Certification in: Healing Touch

Passionate therapists use multiple massage techniques to offer natural, immediate pain and stress relief. Massage and bodywork can correct imbalances by releasing tight, overworked muscles. A balanced body leads to a balanced to life.